Detention Ponds

Our goal is to maintain, repair or rehab your detention pond to ensure it functions as designed and is an aesthetically pleasing asset to your property.

Overview of the Service

Service Overview

Detention ponds are functional parts of a larger design plan for your property. They not only help reduce the likelihood that your property would flood during storm events its designed to handle but can also reduce flooding downstream from your property. Their purpose is to accept the runoff from rainfall from our site and detain it for 24-72 hours after the storm is over and then to slowly release it into the watershed.

Some detention ponds gravity flow, that is they flow naturally due to differences in elevation. Some detention ponds, however, are deeper than the receiving stream they empty into and so they must be pumped or lifted up to that level before the pond can empty. These are called lift station, and we also service those. Click here for lift station services.

Specs on Detention Ponds

Detention Pond Specs


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